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NRI Services

Arranging a marriage in India from abroad, is easy now. We offer NRI services exclusively for all our beloved customers which starts right from arranging of Nadaswaram till the thambulam bag as per your taste and without compromising on traditional values and functions. Our complete comprehensive list includes the following

  • Nathaswaram / நாதஸ்வரம்
  • Flower Garlands / பூ / பூ மாலைகள்
  • Pooja Items / புரோகித சாமான்கள்
  • Kolam & Candle / கோலம் & கேன்டில்
  • Sugar Achchu(2Kg) / சர்க்கரை அச்சு(2Kg)
  • Kopparai (Arai Kopparai 10, Muzhu kopparai 2) / கொப்பரை (அரை கொப்பரை 10, முழு கொப்பரை 2)
  • laddu varieties (5 different sets) / லட்டு வகைகள் (ஐந்து செட்)
  • Kasi yatra items / காசி யாத்திரை சாமான்கள்
  • Thambulam bag / தேங்காய் பை
  • Seer items (bridegroom , bride houses) / சீர் பக்ஷணங்கள் (பெண், மாப்பிள்ளை வீட்டார்க்கு)
  • Kattu Saatham (Parcel) / கட்டு சாதம் (பார்சல்)
  • Buffet
  • Coffee / Juice/ Fruits / Ice cream / Chat / Popcorn / Candy Stalls
  • Bangles and Mehandi
  • Aarthi Plates
  • Vegetable Carvings & Ice Carvings
  • Decoration
  • Balloons for children
  • Video and Photography
  • Other services (based on request)

All you need to communicate what exactly is your requirements and expectations. We shall communicate to you through emails until the service you requested is clear to us. The cost of service will be notified, through email, to you. We guarantee your satisfaction with our services. Try us once, you will know how committed we are.

To enable us to give prompt and quick services you can refer to us your blood relatives / close friends with whom we can interact. Our goal is to make NRIs life a bit easy by taking care of their marriage arrangements in India. For NRIs who have any services to take care in India, we will provide guided help to solve the issues. We are providing several premium services from searching of mandapam/ marriage palaces to complete set up for NRI's in India. For any marriage service, please send us an email to contact@shreeharivayucateringservices.com and we will get back to you quickly with response.